Few Words About Us

We do things a bit differently, and that’s the way we like it!

Our Mission

Alliance Lacrosse, LLC represents a strategic initiative with Philadelphia based teams to offer a competitive yet economic alternative for families desiring to supplement the community lacrosse experience. Our mission is to facilitate community-based talent into a single Alliance that can compete with any team in the country.

Our Story

Alliance Lacrosse, Brotherly Love Lacrosse Club, was started in the Spring of 2014. Jonathan Nurry and Wade Goldt founded the program as an alternative to the traditional youth lacrosse club. Our formula is simple. Focus on excellent athletes provide them with quality coaching and let them evolve into excellent lacrosse players.

In addition, we place a premium on being sensitive to family finances and schedules. Our model is a hybrid of parent coaches augmented with elite players and coaches from Major League Lacrosse (MLL), National League Lacrosse (NLL) and college ranks. We strive to field teams capable of competing with any team in the country. We believe that finances should never be a deterrent to a player that wants to play club lacrosse. We encourage any interested player to try out for one of our teams.

Our scheduling goals are simple as well, less is more. By focusing on playing soccer, football, basketball, wrestling, swimming and family vacations in lieu of incessant practicing we strive for balance. We let players choose what clinics, skills sessions, and off-season programs that make sense for their families.

Our very first Team, 2023 Zeus, is an example of what community alliances, great kids from great families, and excellent athletes that are taught the game of lacrosse can accomplish together.

Play Hard, Play Fast, Play Together

Our Coaches and Trainers

Drew Adams

Goalie Coach, Team USA, Major League Lacrosse Lizards, 3 X MLL Goalie of the Year, Penn State

Chris Bates

Brotherly Love Academy 2023 Head Coach, Episcopal Academy HC, Princeton HC, Drexel HC, Wings Player, Dartmouth Lacrosse

Paul Deniken

Brotherly Love 2024 Academy Head Coach, Philadelphia Wings 5th All Time Goal Scorer, 4 World Championships

Joe Kivlen

Brotherly Love 2023 Zeus Head Coach, Garnet Valley Defensive Coordinator

Cory Malampy

2023 Poseidon Head Coach

Adam Mueller

Brotherly Love Offensive Coordinator, Team USA Offensive Coordinator, 3 World Championships, National Lacrosse League Coach of the Year 2008, NLL only coach to take 3 different teams to playoffs

Mike Noon

Defensive Coach Major League Lacrosse Florida Launch, MLL Championship Ohio Machine, Lehigh University

Mike Twohig

Brotherly Love 2024 Head Coach, Drexel 4 Year Starter, Drexel Hall of Fame,


Winter Skills Sessions

Our Box Skills Sessions will focus on proper technique and skills to make your son a better field player. The primary focus is on premium touches in a high paced environment. Defensive and offensive players will both work on stick skills, footwork and technique.

Winter Sessions Brochure.pdf


2023 Zeus

2023 Poseidon

2024 Hercules

2024 Achilles

2025 Titan

2025 Thor

2024 Brotherly Love Academy

2023 Brotherly Love Academy




Brotherly Love Lacrosse Club
101 Turnberry Drive Avondale, PA 19311


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