Brotherly Love 2023 Blue Prevails at NXT Meltdown

Comprised of boys from Kennett Square, Garnet Valley, Unionville, Downingtown, Conestoga and surrounding areas, team Brotherly Love Blue won the 2023 A title at the NXT Meltdown in Downingtown, PA

Playing in the top bracket, Team Brotherly Love Blue went undefeated by beating Florida based Barracudas, NJ based BBL, and PA based Roughriders in pool play.  In the semifinals they squared off against Mesa Fresh in a game that was ultimately decided in a Braveheart win by Brotherly Love.  In the championship finals they faced off against perennial Maryland based club power, Bethesda Lacrosse Club.  In this highly anticipated match up, despite missing all 3 starting members of their defense they were able to prevail 6-2.

Players:  Colin Jung, Griffin Erdman, Barclay Wilson, Will Raihall, Kyle Anthony, Kevin Carson, Zach Hulme, Casey Rose, William Hohn, Brody Murphy, Kris Henning, Sam Barton, Colin Smith, TJ Shillingford, Marek Seaman, Michael Waite, and Bo Horvath.  Team Brotherly Love is led by HC Jonathan Nurry along with assistants John Shillingford and Joe Horvath.

Brotherly Love 2023 A Blue - NXT Meltdown 2016

Brotherly Love 2023 A Blue – NXT Meltdown 2016